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We are an independent, internationally accredited Swim School affiliated with STA – www.sta.co.uk – and proudly certified as a swim star swim school!
Lessons are all year-round and take place in a warm, enclosed pool area with a toasty temperature of -+ 33 degrees.

We pride ourselves in building confident swimmers, teaching each and every student to his/her specific abilities, creating a fun and rewarding experience, allowing each lesson to be unique to the student’s level.

Our aim is to have children and adults alike to be comfortable under and above the water. We understand the importance of correct technique and water safety, thus our staff are friendly, patient and fully trained to guarantee the best swimming experience possible.


Adult & Tods (water safety)

A great bonding opportunity in a parent-child group, all whilst learning through play. Recommended from 9 months and up, we focus on water safety, conditioning, gently introducing survival skills and a long love for water.

Learn to Swim

One on one, individual lessons, catering from the very frightened, beginner students to the confident, needing stroke correction, teaching the necessary skill at each individual’s pace, adapted accordingly. Our main goal is to have each student water safe, all 4 strokes are introduced and taught, as well as tumble turns.

Water Therapy

Clients can either reserve the pool for a relaxing, private exercise session, focusing on post operation recoveries, rehabilitation, general fitness and wellbeing or our qualified bio kineticist can uniquely work out an exercise program to suit your individual needs.

Water Aerobics

An adult group specializing in water exercise, hosted by a qualified instructor. This programme helps build strength, fitness and core muscles, without putting strain on your joints, muscles or heart. The impact of gravity is less in water, allowing a greater range of painless motion.

Venue Hire

Country Swim School is also available for venue hire. It’s the perfect place for a pool party! 

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